How to build muscle chest with pudding

How to build muscle chest with pudding. Tricks and the trick is very necessary for a man who often do fitness. Gym seseringa know anything we do not take the sport if appropriate vitamin kalory and then we will have difficulty in assembling our chest so large and six pack abs. To make it so much faster and optimal happen we must frequently pudding, well to make a cheap and simple pudding is no way I will tell you how the manufacturer.

Egg custard is very powerful to build muscle and a chest that contains the width and how to make it so simple that we need only a blender, duck egg white, banana, water and milk. This I used to make when I've tried to shower for 2 two months.

How to mix white pudding egg namely:

First step

Prepare the egg white is still raw, then cook, if already cooked duck egg white and then take input into belender.

The second step:

Prepare ripe bananas and peel the skin and then input into a blender combine the egg white duck earlier, and then add a little water, then turn on the blender it wait till its all smooth and no longer clumping either a duck egg and banana.

Third step:

Pour pudding into a glass and add the last egg a little milk to suit your desires, is now ready to drink.

That is among one of the pudding is easy to make it but it is very nice to build muscle chest and six pacx comp.
An easy way to build muscle chest with pudding

However, for physical training in the Gym him:


This exercise is very simple. You simply make a push up position, but as a straight hand upright. Then you hold it for maybe your body remains straight, while the abdominal and back muscles you will work hard to hold it straight.

Reverse crunch:

These exercises like crunches / sit-ups, but the difference is not the body which appointed, but the foot is moving from being bent straight. Lower abdominal muscles you will be trained on this.

Captain chair:

This exercise uses the elbow and hand tools where we as penompang body and then lift legs up to 90 degrees. If you are used to, can use a dumbbell is clipped at the foot for added weight.

Butt ups:

These exercises like Planks, but not static, after Planks position and then pull the pelvis up. Then back to the starting position and repeat.

Hopefully these tips help you .....

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